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hi, i'm nika.

i do decision science.

I’m a forward thinking, science-loving entrepreneur, author, public speaker, teacher, and researcher. I have over twenty years of experience studying how people make decisions in a variety of contexts, from business to politics to relationships. I help people get real, move forward, and minimize regret.


I believe that where we are and where we're going all comes down to decisions - made by you or others, right now or years ago, here or someplace else. By understanding how decision-making works and where it can go wrong, we can make better choices and end up in better places.

And don't we all deserve to be in better places?

it's your life.

you decide.

Your Next Decision

For People and Press

Learn how you can make your next life decision better. Nika's Decision Science approach, backed by science, is designed to help you make confident choices that impact you and your social world.

Kabiri Consulting

For Businesses

 Click here for guidance regarding your brand, product, workplace culture, or start up. Kabiri Consulting uses a Decision Science framework to tackle your business challenges through consulting and research.

You work hard to earn what you make. Read my book to learn how to protect your money while making the most of its earning power - especially under uncertainty. Buy it at Amazon.

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